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Every sportsman knows the utility of a bucket in the field. Introducing the NEW Venture Bucket Pack Pro -- our new fishing/hunting hunting hybrid bucket pack in authentic Mossy Oak Elements Marlin camo. Comfortably carry all your fishing and outdoor gear for a full day of fun. 

  • NEW 6-Gallon bucket
  • Fully Insulated - makes your bucket into a cooler
  • NEW Ultra-thick XL cushion seat silent spinning lid
  • NEW Enlarged side pockets fits 2 tackle boxes or 8+ boxes of shot shells each
  • NEW Ston-n-Go dual integrated and adjustable rod holders
  • NEW Enlarged back pads for increased comfort
  • INCLUDED: 4-Pack of Plano® tackle boxes (2 for each side pocket)
  • NEW Molle straps and slit pouch for additional storage
  • NEW Extra-thick shoulder, ergonomic shoulder straps (Keeps the pack close to your back for a more comfortable carry)
  • NEW Padded carry and dumping handle
  • Compatible with the Bucket Ice Pack
  • Reinforced, durable polyester fabric
  • Reinforced stitching at all stress points
  • Authentic Mossy Oak Elements Marlin camo
  • Formed pockets for up to 5 boxes of shotgun shells (up to 3 inches)
  • Insulated drink holder (1 L)
  • D-rings for accessories
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Chest strap keeps shoulder straps in place
  • "No Questions Asked" Lifetime Guarantee!

The perfect bucket, backpack, cooler and seat for fishing, hunting, tailgating, sporting events, and everything in between!

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    We just couldn't leave "well enough" alone. Our original insulated Venture Bucket Pack was such a success, we decided to improve on it even further. Introducing the new Venture Bucket Pack Pro. This pack has all the features a fisherman or hunter would ever want, including integrated, adjustable rod holders and side pockets big enough to hold two tackle boxes each. 

    The new dual integrated rod holders are comprised of receiver pouches that stow away in zippered pockets when not in use. The receiver is paired with an adjustable "hook and loop" restraint on a vertical molle strap allowing it to be positioned at whatever height works best for your rod. 

    Since this version of the Venture Bucket Pack Pro utilizes the Mossy Oak Elements Marlin fishing camo, we have included a 4 pack of the Plano® 3650 StowAway® clear tackle boxes. Store all your tackle in these boxes and easily slide two into each side pocket on your bucket pack. 

    If this wasn't enough, we also increased the height of the pack by 4 inches. The Venture Bucket Pack Pro comes standard with a 6-gallon bucket and our new ultra thick XL Silent Spinning Seat cushion lid. Just like our regular Silent Spin Seat cushion lid, the XL version features nylon hardware and has no metallic ball bearings that will rust or make unnecessary noise. This seat cushion lid is also Made in the USA!

    To top it all off, we listened to our customers' feedback and upgraded several other features including the thicker shoulder straps, back pads and padded carry handle. We also added a new padded "dump" handle at the bottom of the pack to make it easy to empty out liquid, ice and other items.  

    • Bucket Backpack Carrier
    • 5 Gallon Bucket
    • Silent Spin Seat